Probability Theory: The Logic Of Science


E. T. Jaynes

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Table Of Contents

Preamble and Table Of Contents

1 Plausible Reasoning

2 The Quantitative Rules

3 Elementary Sampling Theory

Figure 3-1

4 Elementary Hypothesis Testing

Figure 4-1

5 Queer Uses For Probability Theory

6 Elementary Parameter Estimation

Figure 6-1

Figure 6-2

7 The Central Gaussian, Or Normal, Distribution

8 Sufficiency, Ancillarity, And All That

9 Repetitive Experiments - Probability and Frequency

10 Physics Of ``Random Experiments''

11 Discrete Prior Probabilities - The Entropy Principle

13 Decision Theory - Historical Background

14 Simple Applications Of Decision Theory

15 Paradoxes Of Probability Theory

Figure 15-1

16 Orthodox Methods: Historical Background

17 Principles and Pathology of Orthodox Statistics

18 The Ap Distribution And Rule Of Succession

19 Physical Measurements

20 Trend and Seasonality In Time Series

21 Regression And Linear Models

24 Model Comparison

27 Introduction To Communication Theory

30 Maximum Entropy: Matrix Formulation



A Other Approaches To Probability Theory

B Mathematical Formalities And Style

C Convolutions And Cumulants

E Multivariate Gaussian Integrals